ACCA Integrated Reporting Programme

The integrated reporting training programme is accredited by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)

<IR>: The future of corporate reporting

The business landscape is constantly evolving. New outlooks, new models and new technology are disrupting traditional approaches – at scale and at speed. Which means a company’s annual numbers are no longer enough to describe its situation or potential.

Quite rightly, investors, markets and stakeholders want to know more. How does an organisation create value today? How will it unlock it in the future?

Traditional corporate reporting is valuable – but it only shows part of the picture. .

Integrated reporting <IR> is a radical new approach to annual corporate reporting. But what does it actually mean, who's doing it, and what do you need to know to advise your business or your clients? Whether you’re looking for general awareness or are preparing integrated reports yourself, this programme has everything you need to know about.

Helping your organisation to embrace <IR>

ACCA has been at the forefront of IR for several years. We were the first accountancy body to adopt it as an approach – and we believe it should be part of every organisation’s sustainability agenda.

We work closely with the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) to review and benchmark integrated reports from organisations around the world.

Why make integrated reporting part of your approach?

<IR> offers a powerful lens through which to view and evaluate your organisation and its activities. When you adopt an <IR> approach, integrated thinking is ushered in alongside it. While traditional reporting may do little to tackle silos, <IR> encourages everyone to see how the whole organisation can pull together to create value.

With <IR>, you can extract meaningful information from across functions, giving you a complete picture of your organisation. You can identify what is driving business performance – as well as opportunities and challenges that could emerge in the future. 

Organisations that embrace <IR> also typically:

Develop stronger stakeholder relationships: Present investors and other stakeholders with a balance sheet and there’s a good chance they will only engage with your company in terms of its numerical value. Present them with a holistic view and they are more likely to engage with your organisation’s story, purpose and mission. Which means <IR> helps you to build trust and boost reputation.

Find reporting more efficient: When you follow the <IR> Framework, you create consistent, well-balanced communications that are easier for your organisation to prepare – and easier for stakeholders to digest and act upon.

Engage your teams: <IR> isn’t just a tool to tell your organisation’s story externally. It also helps your teams understand your strategy and long-term goals. This helps them understand their role in delivering them – and turns them into ambassadors for your business.

Training your teams to adopt an <IR> approach

ACCA Integrated Reporting Programme is for finance and HR professionals at all levels of your organisation who want to learn more about the IR Framework, the benefits it offers and how to implement it. 

It’s 100% online – so your teams can train at a time that suits your organisation. And when they complete each programme, they’ll receive an IIRC/ACCA certificate.

Programme levels

There are three levels - each designed to give individuals in different roles the insight and tools they need:

Programme level Designed for Duration
ACCA Integrated Reporting Briefing C-suite executives 4 hours
ACCA Integrated Reporting Foundation Individuals who need to understand the IR process 12 hours
ACCA Integrated Reporting Practitioner Individuals responsible for preparing integrated reports 21 hours

Programme levels information

Developed in partnership with accountingcpd

We developed this programme in partnership with accountingcpd – and we’re recognised as an approved <IR> training partner by the IIRC.

accountingcpd helps accountants grow by providing high quality CPD and qualifications, that genuinely make a difference to their careers.

accountingcpd offers over 1,000 ACCA approved hours of learning, designed to keep accountants up to date and help them develop skills for the future. With over 20 years’ experience, accountants can rely on accountingcpd’s award-winning approach to CPD.

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"There are benefits internally and externally. Internally, we use to help us tell the story to our employees, to engage them in delivering the change that we want. Externally we tell the whole story in terms of what we’re doing to drive value for stakeholders."

Russ Houlden - CFO, United Utilities Plc