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Why choose an Approved Employer?

The benefits of working for an Approved Employer can include:

  • performance objective exemption from the PER (Practical Experience Requirement)
  • performance objective exemption from the FPER (Foundations Practical Experience Requirement)
  • high standards of staff training and personal development.

Types of approval 

Approved Employers have three areas of recognition, called ‘streams’:

  1. Trainee Development: these are employers that provide in-house training and help simplify the ACCA trainee journey to membership
  2. Professional Development: these are employers that support the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) of ACCA members
  3. Practising Certificate Development: these employers provide learning opportunities for trainees and members working towards ACCA practising certificates.

Scope of employer approval

The scope of approval identifies the extent of cover to employees of an organisation. Approval scope can be:

  • global: relevant to all offices in all locations
  • for a single office: relevant to one office in a single geographic location
  • countrywide: applies within a single country
  • for multiple offices: relevant to a registered address and additional offices within the same country.

Scope can be limited to specific departments, roles or training schemes within an organisation. Where relevant the search results will have a listing in the ‘Department’ column.

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