Results service

All Approved Learning Partners participate in the results service as a requirement of their approval.

Benefits of the results service

Our results service allows you, as an Approved Learning Partner, to find out how your students are performing against global pass rates for each exam session, for both paper and computer-based exams.

This analysis provides evidence of your success in teaching ACCA courses and can demonstrate to students why they should choose to study with an Approved Learning Partner over a learning provider that is not approved. The subject breakdown within the report provides valuable insight, enabling you to pinpoint areas for future improvement and development.

This analysis can also help to identify when Gold Approved Learning Partners are ready to advance to Platinum.

Use of the results service

We ask you to upload your students' details for each of your teaching sessions*. The upload facility can be accessed by logging into your myACCA  account for each of the four sessions as follows

  • March session - student details to be uploaded in February
  • June session - student details to be uploaded in May 
  • September session - student details to be uploaded in August
  • December session - student details to be uploaded in November

We will communicate exact dates at the time.  

You can find additional guidance in our Educator Hub's Results Service Guide. 
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*You must obtain student consent before requesting their results from us. This should be in writing or online - for example in your enrolment forms.

Gold and Platinum pass rate targets

As a Gold or Platinum ALP, you are required to meet pass rate targets and criteria in order to retain your status.  Full details of these targets and criteria are outlined in our ALP handbook - guidance and regulations. Below is a brief summary:








% papers required to meet/exceed global pass rate targets75%50%
Minimum number of candidates in each combined session*5020
Number of papers taught over period of one year7**n/a

* Total in March and June combined or in September and December combined
** including 2 Essentials and 2 Options