This session explores the vital role that internal auditors play in a company’s mental health and wellbeing and focuses on three key areas:

  • how an auditor can combine their technical and interpersonal strengths to identify negative mental health and wellbeing issues
  • how they can enable proper support to those in need; and
  • how they can boost their own resilience and mental wellbeing.

In the turbulent times of Covid-19 and the fundamental changes that businesses are undergoing as a result, internal auditors face challenging times and daunting tasks. With the right tools, they can leverage their unique ability to look right across all areas of a company and ensure positive mental health and wellbeing for everyone alongside company growth and success. 


Victoria Fellowes, StrideForth

Victoria is a qualified professional coach, a L&D professional, international public speaker, senior-level recruiter and a global nomad.

She is trusted by Clients (individuals and corporates) to deliver exceptional results. Professionals learn to master their potential so as to become empowered and fulfilled individuals who deliver significant value and impact to their employers and colleagues. 100s of clients across 60 professions in +45 industries have benefitted from her coaching including internal auditors, compliance officers, risk managers, internal control specialists and governance experts. In addition to attaining sustainable results and access to an extensive knowledge base, clients also enjoy working with someone who is passionate, professional and who understands work/life dynamics.

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  • Victoria Fellowes

    Victoria Fellowes