The NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHSCFA) has launched new guidance on procurement fraud – eight fraud prevention quick guides focusing on specific areas of fraud risk vulnerability in NHS finance and procurement.

Procurement accounts for a significant amount of NHS spend and activity, and procurement fraud is one of the NHSCFA’s priority action areas for the 2019-20 financial year. NHSCFA estimate that the loss to the NHS from procurement fraud is £351m each year.

The new quick guides have been produced by the NHSCFA’s Fraud Prevention Unit. The purpose of the quick guides is to alert staff to fraud risks and to provide clear and practical information on effective control measures and preventative action. Each guide includes a brief overview of the fraud risk, along with information on how to spot fraud, how to stop it and how to report any suspicions of fraud.

Part of ACCA's "Innovation in the Public Sector" webinar series.

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Lorraine Harris

Lorraine is an experienced senior manager with 24 years in the public sector, working in both the counter fraud and security management professions.  Lorraine is a Counter Fraud Lead at the NHS Counter Fraud Authority and is currently leading on an innovative project to reduce the fraud risk vulnerabilities in finance and procurement processes in the NHS.

Davina Teeluck 

Davina Teeluck, is a Senior Fraud Prevention Officer at the NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHSCFA). Davina has developed the NHSCFA’s national work in preventing procurement fraud across the NHS. Davina has over 15 years’ experience in countering fraud in the NHS, with an in-depth knowledge in developing policy and fraud prevention measures. 

Davina has a passion for understanding how behavioural change can create a positive organisational response to countering fraud. Davina has a background in local security and counter fraud management. 



  • Lorraine Harris

    Lorraine Harris

    Fraud Prevention Lead at NHS Counter Fraud Authority

  • Davina Teeluck

    Davina Teeluck

    Senior Fraud Prevention Officer at the NHS Counter Fraud Authority