I have spoken to so many accountancy practices that have over 300 clients but they aren't making six figures a year - that is a lot of work for a small return. Sometimes we are so busy working IN our business that we forget to work ON our business and we end up becoming a bottle neck and not seeing events as the opportunities they really are.

I'm sure you all have cases where that one piece of information you have given a client has made a huge impact - imagine what you could do for a business on an advisory level. During this webinar, we will be discussing:

  • What does the term advisory services really mean?
  • How can you start offering these kind of services to clients?
  • How do you start charging for this type of work?
  • How can you start adding to your bottom line by not doing any more work?

As someone who has built my own business solely on "advisory services" and that has never offered tax returns, you are all in a much stronger position than I am to convert your clients to a more premium package.  


Christina Christoforou ACCA, Director - CMNC Associates Ltd

Christina spent 19 years in finance, working with multi million pound organisations and helping them to scale their systems and increase their profit further.

Throughout that time, she has worked with many accountants and feels that accountants get a hard time. They sell themselves short yet they advise on a subject that is one of the most integral functions to a business.

Her passion is finance, systems and social media and she is on a mission to showcase accountants as an asset within the business rather than just begin seen as another cost.

Your speaker

  • Christina Christoforou

    Christina Christoforou

    Director - CMNC Associates Ltd