Looking for work after a career break, need to understand what your options are? Want to hear an employer’s view about those returning to work after a career break? 

Returner programmes which lead to permanent roles were pioneered in the UK in the 2014. Their number has grown from just three that year to over 40 in 2017, primarily in the financial services, consulting and STEM sectors. 

In the spring budget 2017, the prime minister announced £5 million to "promote returnships in the public and private sector". The 2017 conservative manifesto pledged to support organisations to take on parents and carers "returning after long periods of absence".

Join this webinar to understand what a returners programme is and how employers run them. The webinar will include: 

  • A business case for returner programmes and flexible working. 
  • What returners programmes are and who is offering them. 
  • The state of ht ejobs market for those who want or need to work flexibly.
  • Case study from Deloitte and their Return to Work programme. 


Natalie Gill, programme director at Timewise

Timewise is the UK’s leading innovator in flexible hiring and flexible working, supporting employers to design flexible working solutions to attract, retain and progress the best talent. 

Following a career in the financial services industry, working for Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank, Natalie joined Timewise to lead on the development of our consultancy and training services. She also oversees the management of our Timewise partners across a range of industries in the private sector, with a particular focus on our retail, professional services and financial services clients. 

Timewise’s reputation as expert practitioners and thought leaders means that we are regularly asked to contribute our thinking on issues around flexible working, women and work, and future workforce issues. Most recently, Natalie has been asked to share our learning with policy makers, working with government departments to support policy reform on gender, returner programmes and flexible working.

Toby Mildon, diversity & inclusion manager at Deloitte 

Toby is a highly accomplished manager and trusted adviser, with proven success in delivering diversity, inclusion and culture change strategies, programmes and innovations to both the public and private sector. Toby has over ten years experience working on international and complex projects with clients including NHS, Accenture, Channel 4, Telegraph Media Group, Vodafone, Microsoft, BT, and Ofcom. Toby also supports individuals overcome obstacles as an executive coach.

  • Natalie Gill

    programme director


  • Toby Mildon

    diversity and inclusion manager