ACCA is required to undertake a comprehensive programme of monitoring visits to firms. This work is undertaken by ACCA's Monitoring department and is designed to examine compliance with auditing standards, ACCA's Global Practising Regulations (GPRs) and the Code of Ethics and Conduct. ACCA uses risk factors to determine whether a firm should be visited within the normal cycle of every six years, or earlier. Risk factors taken into account include the outcome of the previous visit and the number and types of audit clients. In some cases firms that hold auditing or investment business certificates but who do not undertake any regulated work may be subject to desktop monitoring instead of monitoring visits. This may also apply to firms that do not hold certificates but have principals who are ACCA members.

Last year ACCA carried out monitoring visits to over 500 firms in the UK holding audit registration. In this webinar, Rob Mukherjee will discuss the top 10 issues emerging from monitoring visits. 


Rob Mukherjee

Rob is a Compliance Manager with ACCA's Audit Monitoring department. He joined ACCA 13 years ago and oversees a team of compliance officers.