Session overview

Blockchain technology is a revolution in systems of records.

The nature of blockchain technology has seen imaginations run wild, because the idea can now be applied to any need for a trustworthy record. It is also putting the full power of cryptography in the hands of individuals, stopping digital relationships from requiring a transaction authority for what are considered 'pull transactions'.

There is also a lot of hype. This hype is perhaps the result of how easy it is to dream up a high-level use case for the application of blockchain technology. It has been described as 'magic beans' by several of the industry's brightest minds.

We have invited, a blockchain consultancy, to talk about its experience building blockchain which aims to provide capital markets products on a peer-to-peer basis.


Dr Christopher Townsend, Execturive Founder -

Christopher started his career as a credit derivatives trader and has over fifteen years of capital markets experience with major investment banks, in increasingly senior finance roles.

His focus is control processes and regulatory compliance, with a particular expertise in derivative valuations. He has a PhD in mathematics, an extensive journal publication record, and has been working on techniques relevant to blockchain technology for many years.


  • Christopher Townsend

    Dr Christopher Townsend

    Executive Founder,