Everyone talks about being on the "cloud" and how great it is, but let's get real - you are a busy practice or sole practitioner with perhaps some not so "tech savvy" clients on your books. This session will cover:

  • What do people mean when they talk about "cloud systems" and "apps"?
  • How are you supposed to implement certain systems when you don't have time or any staff to help?
  • What can I do to get my clients to use these type of systems?
  • There is so much to think about when moving all the systems to the cloud - how do you go about actual implementation?

As someone who works with other businesses on streamlining their systems, I know what it's like to have so many moving components and not know which one to focus on, but this webinar will discuss how you can move forward.


Christina Christoforou ACCA, Director - CMNC Associates Ltd

Christina spent 19 years in finance, working with multi million pound organisations and helping them to scale their systems and increase their profit further.

Throughout that time, she has worked with many accountants and feels that accountants get a hard time. They sell themselves short yet they advise on a subject that is one of the most integral functions to a business.

Her passion is finance, systems and social media and she is on a mission to showcase accountants as an asset within the business rather than just begin seen as another cost.

Your speaker

  • Christina Christoforou

    Christina Christoforou

    Director - CMNC Associates Ltd