This conference consists of four sessions which makes it a cost-effective way of staying informed of the latest technical issues.

IR35 and Professional Negligence 
Louise Dunford. 

Pricing Techniques to maximise profitability
 Lecturer: John McKenzie.

IHT, Trusts and Wills. 
Paul Soper.

Developing your 360-degree influence
Lecturer: Kay Thompson-Barker.

  • IR35 and Professional Negligence

    Key Features

    This fast paced course covers all the key legal aspects of these two important areas for accountants advising small and medium sized businesses. It is updated to cover developments up to around two weeks prior to the course.

    The client and IR35

    • Brief history of IR35, and definitions
    • Impact of extension to private sector
    • Key factors in establishing self employment, with all recent cases
    • IR35 and agencies, status determination statements, contractors working for foreign companies
    • The CEST test, its significance and evaluation
    • Pitfalls to avoid


    Professional Negligence

    • The nature of the duty and to whom is it owed?
    • the engagement letter – issues to consider
    • recent cases – liability to the client and to third parties
    • Common issues for accountants, and situations to avoid
    • Exclusion clauses – where to put them, what they should contain and their effectiveness considered
    • Damages for breach

    Speaker: Louise Dunford 

  • Pricing Techniques to maximise profitability

    Utilising the most appropriate and effective pricing strategies has, by far, the greatest impact you can make on profitability. This session will aid your understanding of traditional and alternative determinants of price, assist you in determining their applicability to your own business and the role finance can play in developing and supporting pricing decisions.


    Key features

    • Pricing is much more effective than cost management in driving profits
    • What is value and how do customers perceive it – the Value Proposition
    • Understanding price elasticity
    • The psychology of pricing
    • Pricing strategies we can pursue
      • Cost, contribution and penetration based pricing.
      • Target, skimming and discrimination based pricing.
      • Decoy, psychological and value pricing.
      • Competitor, going rate and commodity pricing

    Speaker: John McKenzie

  • IHT, Wills and Trusts

    This webinar will provide an update on IHT, Wills and Trusts; covering areas such as...

    • trusts have been used to reduce IHT but have other practical uses where IHT is an added complication
    • the incidence of IHT is affected by the disposition of a person's estate
    • using trusts to reduce exposure to IHT
    • purposes for which trusts can be used and minimisation of IHT costs
    • where there's a will there's a reduction in IHT exposure
    • impact of intestacy on IHT exposure
    • trust registration is extending to non-taxable trusts as well.

    Speaker: Paul Soper 

  • Developing your 360-degree influence

    The ability to influence others around you is key achieving more within your role. Sharing powerful communication approaches to help you exert a positive influence up, down and across your organisation, this session demonstrates how to:

    • Build strong working relationships
    • Adapt your communication style to different personalities
    • Inspire people to listen to what you've got to say and buy into your ideas
    • Seek input from others to gain stronger support
    • Leverage key motivators to drive energy in others

    Speaker: Kay Thompson- Barker