Is your organisation or project running efficiently? When things are going well, we often don’t spend enough time looking for efficiency improvements, and if things are going badly there can be a tendency to resort to arbitrary cost-cutting which can risk success in the long term.

This course provides a framework to help you improve your organisation’s efficiency. It helps you to analyse your business, consider where to best focus your resources and review how to balance short-term cost reductions with longer-term business needs to ensure a secure future for your business. Discover how to best plan your cost savings and, once you have decided on your plan, how to deliver this project and manage stakeholder expectations.

This course will enable you to:

  • understand how to structure a cost reduction project specific to your business and the importance of doing so
  • prioritise activities by using a holistic approach to cost management
  • discover the tools and techniques that you can use to successfully plan your cost savings and run your business more efficiently
  • provide realistic targets for your business and learn how to deliver your project to ensure its success.

Key information

  • learn at your own pace
  • help meet your annual CPD requirements
  • develop your own learning needs
  • exclusive member benefit – 10% discount
  • iPad/Android compatible
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Helping accountants grow. 

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