Session overview

Have you ever asked yourself: “if I had access to more working capital, what could I do with it to take my business forward?” Managing your working capital is far more than closing short term cash flow gaps. In this informative Webinar Pay4 will cover:

  • Why proactive management of working capital is important
  • How to ensure your business doesn’t run out of cash
  • Ways to make more profit by proactively managing working capital
  • How to increase your access to working capital finance
  • Benefits of accessing a range of working capital finance options


Tim Marshall MBA, DipFS, ACIB, chief operating officer, Pay4

Tim's career spans business and financial services in both the UK and an international environment. His past roles have included running an SME focussed Banking Group across 3 Countries in East Africa, Head of Risk for a large Commercial Bank in the UK, running a World Bank funded project in Kenya aimed at helping the financial services industry better serve SME businesses, and running a development and change management consultancy targeting Blue Chip businesses.

Tim has been with Pay4 since near inception and, using his wider business and financial services experience, has helped to build what is now a significant working capital lender to SMEs.

About Pay4 

Pay4 offers a revolving credit facility for growing UK Business to pay for any goods or services. The facility isn't secured against business assets, so works well alongside other finance.  Funding is accessed by settling supplier invoices via an online platform.

Credit limits can be used, repaid and reused again.  There are no costs associated with setting up the facility, no administration costs and no ongoing non utilisation costs. Credit facilities range from £50,000 to £1,000,000+.

Pay4 is available to UK Limited Companies, LLPs and PLCs that wish to finance payments to international or domestic suppliers. Because Pay4 is insurance backed, customers must be profitable, turnover more than £1.5m and have been trading for 3+ years. Pay4 believe that every stable and growing business should have access to cost effective finance without constraints or delay.

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