Ahead of its UK Public Services Summit 2017, ACCA is running a series of sector-specific webinars in the UK for members working across the public sector, healthcare, charities and education to position members as leaders and influencers in public sector financial management.

The UK's public sector is facing a series of challenges. These range form the continued low levels of economic growth, the sustainability of government debt, migration and ageing population, fluctuations in government Revenues and technology developments and threats, particularly cyber security. 

To help professional accountants and leaders in the public sector prepare for these challenges, ACCA undertook a global study recently to explore which emerging drivers of change could have the biggest impact and to highlight the skills that will be required over the period to 2026. 

In this webinar you will hear about the UK key findings of this report, the skills needed to meet the challenges facing the Uk public services sector. 


Maggie McGhee, Director, Professional Insights ACCA 

The Director of ACCA’s Professional Insights, Maggie brings a wealth of experience to her role at the head of a team of technical and policy experts.

Professional Insights comments on key issues relating to a range of policy and technical areas. It strives to influence technical and policy experts in governments, regulators, professional bodies and employers across the globe.

The Professional Insights team use their combined skills and expertise to demonstrate the value that professional accountants bring to society by creating successful businesses and sustainable economies. The work of the team supports ACCA’s global thought leadership agenda. A chartered accountant with a degree in law, Maggie trained with National Audit Office UK, rising to become Director General of Audit Quality.