In today’s context of the Covid-19 pandemic, ACCA has conducted extensive researches on how changes in the world’s economy and new trends will impact the professionals working in the finance-accounting field in the next years. 

Please join us to find out the conclusions that had been centralized especially for this webinar.

What can you learn by attending the seminar: 

  • What changes will affect the job market in finance-accounting
  • Which are the 5 essential areas you should develop your skills for
  • How to develop your own career in this evolving landscape
  • What do employers expect from the accounting specialist in the future
  • How to prepare for the digitalization process
  • How to get a top job in finance-accounting
Vikas Aggarwal



Vikas Aggarwal, ACCA Regional Head of Policy - Emerging Markets

Vikas Aggarwal joined the ACCA in October 2017. As Regional Head of Policy for Emerging Markets, he is responsible for supporting regulatory development and economic growth across Central and South Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Before joining ACCA, Vikas was the Director for International Trade in the British Embassy in Tehran.

He also helped British companies like GlaxoSmithKline, Airbus and Jaguar Land Rover to trade with Iran, and alongside the EU, supported the Iranian government to re-engage with the global economy. Prior to that, he worked for the UK Government’s Financial Services Organization, supporting HM Treasury’s Financial Services Trade and Investment Board.