This course is brought to you by the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures.

Climate change is increasingly becoming an important consideration as capital providers better understand that climate change presents both material risks and opportunities to businesses in the short-, medium- and long-terms. Climate change can therefore no longer be viewed in isolation from business processes, functions or reporting channels, presenting both new challenges and opportunities for the accountancy profession. Companies and investors are looking towards accountants to provide the expertise on how to incorporate climate-related issues into financial planning.

Accountants are already well-equipped to play an essential role in preparing company policies, developing business cases, and in identifying, measuring and managing climate-related business risks. This includes developing and using management accountancy systems to collate climate-related data and information with the same rigour as financial data and information. Accountants can guide reporting entities to meet the demands of increased transparency, by helping to provide and present relevant and reliable information in a meaningful, consistent and comparable manner.

This online course considers what the role of accountants is and how they can utilise existing skills and knowledge to embed climate-related issues into business-as-usual.

Learning outcomes 

On completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • define the role the accountancy profession plays in identifying, managing and disclosing climate-related risks and opportunities.
  • explain how to apply approaches to disclosing climate-related information to support management and investment decision-making.
  • describe organisational processes to mainstream climate-related information (i.e. risk management) to identify and analyse relevant factors influencing an organisation’s strategy.

The course includes an assessment with multiple choice questions. You will be required to pass the assessment to get your completion certificate.

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Key information:

  • learn at your own pace
  • help meet your annual CPD requirements
  • develop your own learning needs
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