The internet economy or digital economy is an economy based on digital or computing technologies including AI (artificial intelligence) and the IoT (Internet of Things). It has disrupted the way almost all business is conducted and will continue to disrupt. Consumers are also suppliers and in some cases even manufacturers. It presents many opportunities but also has a number of challenges for finance professionals who carry out the difficult task of having to decide when revenue is actually revenue and who owns the assets. We live in a world now where data is the biggest asset but is intangible so how is the value measured and accounted for?

The webinar will cover some of the opportunities and challenges for business professionals in the following areas:

  • Managing global supply chains 
  • Revenue recognition
  • Increasing consumer choice and convenience 
  • Cost based & asset recognition
  • Impact of climate change 


  • 12:30pm - Registration
  • 13:30pm - close.


Nnenna Anyanwu (FCCA, PGCE, ACA, MBA)

Nnenna is a qualified accountant, a qualified teacher, business coach, author and a business advisor. She is the CEO of Brandstad Consulting Ltd. Nnenna advises and supports owner-managed and SME business professionals and charities to help them grow and develop economic sustainability. She is a member of the Corporate Sector panel and was previously a member of the Essex Network panel.