Often viewed as one of the most prestigious roles in business, the role of CFO involves more than just financial know-how. Being a successful leader requires active communication with your team, having credibility and leading by example.

This course will take you beyond the basics of being a CFO and allow you to embody the leadership role. You will build your interpersonal skills so that you can positively influence your team and develop the behaviours of a well-respected leader. Learn how you can use strategic thinking and clear communication to cope with unexpected challenges. Begin today to develop a clearer vision for your career.

This course will enable you to:

  • understand the key qualities needed to be an effective CFO
  • take responsibility for your leadership role by influencing others and demonstrating humility
  • establish personal credibility through realising your personal vision, underlying values and beliefs
  • build relationships with your teams and discover the benefits of leading by example
  • improve your strategic thinking skills and learn the benefits of SWOT analysis
  • determine your career direction and learn how to cope with unexpected changes
  • recognise the importance of communication and the impact your communication can have on others.

Key information

  • learn at your own pace
  • develop your own learning needs
  • iPad/Android compatible
  • exclusive member benefit – 10% discount.
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