Businesses now operate with one constant: nothing is certain. Technology in particular has increased the pace of change exponentially. We have seen more volatility and ambiguity in the past eight years than in the three decades before .
The ability to focus on what is important has become a prized commodity for the C-suite.

After watching the video, you will be able to:

  • understand four key areas important for successful leaders – such as how to distinguish between motivation and inspiration
  • recognise benefits and influence of digital transformation
  • get practical tips how to recognise the best of yourself and how to benefit from your strengths
  • understand the expectations of a CEO for a CFO position

The video was recorded during a business breakfast for ACCA members in Prague in September 2016.

Leadership in the 21st century


  • Jan Mühlfeit

    global strategist, author, coach and mentor

    retired Chairman Europe Microsoft

  • Biljana Weber


    Microsoft Czech Republic and Slovakia

  • Katka Benešová

    Head of ACCA Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary


Jan Mühlfeit

Jan is a global strategist, author, coach and mentor and retired Chairman Europe, Microsoft. His personal mission is to “help individuals, organisations and countries around the world to unlock their human potential”.

Jan has a proven record in building successful teams and organizations in his almost 22-year career at Microsoft, where he served in different executive positions. His last role (2007—2014) was Chairman Europe, Microsoft Corporation. Based on his global experience he created a methodology to find personal uniqueness for individuals and teams, personal vision, and ways to implement vision through individuality. Jan is teaching his course globally both in the private and public sectors. www.janmuhlfeit.com

Biljana Weber

Biljana is CEO of Microsoft Czech Republic and Slovakia. She has previously worked for IBM on various managerial positions for Central and Eastern Europe and she was also CEO of Microsoft Slovenia. She has been awarded a prestigious Chairman award for building a strong business position for Microsoft on the local market.

Katka Benešová

Katka is the Head of ACCA Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. In the video she briefly introduces the ACCA report on CFOs and "C-suite - Leadership fit for the 21st century".