Women on Boards is an action-oriented social enterprise supporting women seeking to leverage their professional skills and experience into non-executive director and other board level roles.

Women on Boards exists to help women make the right connections and career choices to get to board level within their own company or to take on a non-executive board role. We are lowering the barriers to entry to the boardroom and building the pipeline of board-ready women. 

There are many different types of boards, all of which need directors or trustees, including charity boards, Public Sector boards and committees, housing associations, education and sports bodies, NHS Trusts - all the way up to FTSE Boards. However women are under-represented in all sectors; they are less likely than men to be asked to join a board and many lack information about how to access these roles successfully.


Fiona Hathorn, Managing Director, Women on Boards UK

Fiona helped found Incito Ventures, a female friendly Angel Investment Club, and is active in the charity sector as one of the trustees for the charity, Fight for Sight.

She is a former investment director and senior asset manager for Old Mutual and Hill Samuel, running the Global Equities and Emerging Markets Desks respectively.