We are aware that members future plans are evolving at a much quicker rate. Please join us in these changing, challenging times where we will provide guidance for members considering their future practising options. This will include guidance on who needs a PC and the practicalities of applying for one; a brief overview of the Practising Certificate Experience Forms (PCEF) requirements, together with handy hints and tips on how to complete the forms. It will also be an opportunity for members to participate in live question and answer discussions regarding this. 

The session is designed to supplement the comprehensive guidance available on the practising certificates and licences section of ACCA's website which includes further bite-sized webinars regarding the completion of the PCEF and PC application process.

Please submit any specific questions you may wish to discuss in advance of this session to graeme.brown@accaglobal.com. 


Graeme Brown FCCA MAAT

Graeme is a Licensing Compliance Officer at ACCA responsible for undertaking ACCA Approved Employer training, monitoring and advisory visits ensuring that organisations meet the ACCA Approved Employer assessment requirements. 

Melanie Borthwick

Melanie is an Authorisation Team Leader responsible for reviewing and assessing practising certificate applications, with a particular focus on those members applying for a practising certificate and audit qualification.

Both Graeme and Melanie work closely with ACCA's authorisation team, reviewing practising certificate applications from members requiring a practising certificate and audit qualification.