Accountancy is a tough sell. The services offered by most firms are broadly similar and quality is, for the most part, comparable. 

So, until a client is close to being ready to switch from their incumbent firm to yours, competing on what you offer is less effective than how and why you do it.

But there are other pain points to contend with: not least long sales cycles keeping new business at bay. Switching firms isn’t like buying a pair of jeans: it can take months, or years, and, anyway, how do you find clients who are itching to move? Needle and haystack spring to mind.

Jason’s specialism is demand generation. He will explain the need to convince individuals and companies that they’ll be better off with your firm than bothering with bigger, longer-established competitors in the market

He’ll also shed light on how buyers buy today (they’re far more independent than pre-pandemic) and why your content probably needs attention.