As the reporting of historical performance is increasingly automated, accountants can add more value by identifying problems in organisations and proposing solutions. This involves a level of creativity that many find scary, but which we can all develop if we make the effort to do so.

This course will help you get better at identifying and solving problems in your organisation. You'll discover how to establish the root causes of problems and how you can use a variety of problem-solving techniques to develop and implement suitable solutions. The course highlights the importance of data analysis and creative thinking as well as deciding who to involve in the process. It will help you to ensure that you propose solutions that achieve the best outcomes for those affected.   

This course will enable you to:

  • identify and understand problems
  • gather and analyse data to gain further insights into your problem and inform your proposed solutions
  • unlock your creative thinking to create innovative and compelling solutions
  • decide who to involve in the development of possible solutions
  • assess and implement the best solutions for your organisation.

Key information

  • learn at your own pace
  • help meet your annual CPD requirements
  • develop your own learning needs
  • exclusive member benefit – 10% discount
  • iPad/Android compatible
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Helping accountants grow 

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