Join ACCA and Valutico for a free live 60-minute webinar on May 8th, and learn a new practical way to expand your advisory capabilities in business valuations. This session, featuring Valutico’s CEO and Founder, Paul Resch, will explore how cutting-edge technology is completely changing the way finance professionals perform valuations.

Uncover why more firms are turning to advanced technology to revolutionize their business valuations.

Join the founder and CEO, Paul Resch, as he delves into how finance professionals are unlocking critical private SME data, and completely changing the way they perform valuations. Discover how to adopt this new approach to grow your advisory services, in this insight-packed session.

Take part to uncover the reasons behind the growing trend of firms integrating advanced technology into their business valuation processes. Explore Valutico's semi-automation integration firsthand and see how it improves workflow efficiency and provides access to essential market data, revolutionizing the valuation process.

Join this one-hour webinar to gain expert insights on:

  • The concept and capabilities of Valutico
  • How to expand and grow your advisory capabilities 
  • Live valuation on Valutico’s platform
  • Exclusive preview of market data
  • Q&A session to address all your valuation enquiries

We look forward to you joining us on the 8th May 


Paul Resch

Founder & CEO, Valutico

Paul Resch is the founder and CEO of the world’s leading business valuation software, Valutico. A corporate finance expert, with 4 years in M&A at Deutsche bank, Paul’s idea for Valutico was born out of a personal frustration with conducting valuations using the only available system at the time: Excel. Complex, slow, and frustrating, Paul noted this way of doing valuations could be vastly improved, and working with data scientists and a dedicated group of experts, created Valutico in 2017, which now boasts more than 700 clients in 75 countries around the world.

Greg Brown

Director and UK & Ireland Country Manager, Valutico

Greg Brown specialises in helping better understand a finance professional’s challenges and pain points when it comes to valuation work and then potentially showing them a better way of doing things. As Valutico’s VP Sales, Greg has helped countless businesses at home and abroad improve their valuation processes and speed, by taking advantage of Valutico’s powerful flagship valuation system to bolster their own valuation offering. He comes from a Finance orientated background having operated successfully and held senior level roles at IBM, Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services, Equals Money Plc and XE.com.