A series of 12 webinars running from May to October 2024 that will help you shift to delivering advisory services to clients


Shifting to delivering advisory services to clients is not only incredibly rewarding, but becoming increasingly essential as technology shortcuts accounts production and related functions. But for some the word advisory is filled with ambiguity, for others it's a scare word and for some it excites them, but they're not sure how to deliver it or approach clients with it. In partnership with AVN, this 12 webinar series aims to:

  • inspire accountants to step in to advisory with their clients
  • instil belief and confidence in their ability to make a difference through advisory and be well rewarded for it
  • how to approach even sceptical clients about advisory
  • how to deliver it effectively
  • how to ensure it's not all reliant on the owner(s).

This series launches in May 2024:

  1. What you need to know about Advisory as an ACCA accountant (1 May)
  2. What clients really want, need and value when it comes to advisory (14 May)
  3. Overcome your imposter syndrome (4 June)
  4. Beyond compliance: Time-saving strategies to enable advisory growth (26 June)
  5. How to price advisory to achieve a win,win (11 July)
  6. Changing perceptions of you - from number cruncher to business improvement expert (31 July)
  7. The specific skills you need to be a truly effective advisor to your clients (13 August)
  8. How to communicate value and package attractive solutions for clients (28 August)
  9. How to confidently deliver an advisory service your clients will love (11 September)
  10. How to use AI as your ally in delivering advisory services (26 September)
  11. How to engage and develop your team to have advisory conversations with clients (10 October)
  12. How to attract more advisory clients in low effort, low to no cost ways. (23 October).

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Shane Lukas - Keynote speaker, author and trainer, AVN

Since 1998, Shane has worked with more than 5000 accountants through his business, AVN - Inspiring Accountants. He understands the challenges they face - working too many hours for too little reward and too little job satisfaction.  And he has put years of research into developing a 7 step methodology, giving accountants a roadmap to build the practice they really want. 

In his presentations, Shane shares what he's learned about creating a culture of success, cultivating great teams, achieving maximum productivity, and attracting the right kind of clients.

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  • Shane Lukas

    Shane Lukas

    Managing Director, AVN