New year message: a force for good

ACCA president Joseph Owolabi and chief executive Helen Brand on the critical role of members in a challenging time


This is the time of year when we look back over the past 12 months, and ahead to the next.

2022 was tough in too many ways. Economic challenges, war, conflict, the energy crunch, political upheaval and the threat of climate change have thrown shadows over all of us. 

Yet though all this, ACCA members have continued to support each other and work through these challenges with dedication, professionalism, and an eye on the future.

We’d like to congratulate you for the important contribution you’ve made in your professional life, guiding your organisation through change, survival and success. 

All of our members have a critical role in driving prosperity for the benefit of society, and driving positive change for the long-term benefit of people and the planet.

We’ve seen that for ourselves, as we’ve travelled around the world – both in person and virtually – and met many dedicated members of our member community, and heard their inspiring stories. We’d like to express our gratitude and our admiration. 

We also applaud the countless examples of voluntary work we’ve seen for communities, young people, mentees and others.

We’ve worked to support members in all that we do, delivering value, and ensuring that membership remains the best investment you can possibly make in your professional future. 

We’ve sharpened our focus on employability, continuing to build the biggest and best careers website in the world, with thousands of opportunities and useful, relevant careers advice. We’ve expanded our range of continuous learning opportunities so members can ensure they remain cutting edge.

Our flagship Accounting for the Future event took place a little over a month ago covering a wealth of topical issues attracting more than 30,000 of you. And we’ve carried out many more member events over the year, some designed for members globally, and some tailored for members in specific countries and regions.

And we continue to lead the way with our agenda-setting research on topics ranging from reporting to sustainability to the public sector, providing you with more resources and continuing to build the brand and reputation of ACCA for all our members. AB magazine continues to explore the big issues affecting all of us in these tumultuous times.

Now, as we look ahead into 2023, we are working on how we can improve our support in all of these areas, ensuring that our members are more relevant and in demand than ever. We’re also sharpening our digital capabilities to improve your experience of interacting with us.

It’s a year when sustainability standards loom large, and in which pressure will build on organisations of all types to consider people and planet as well as profit.

We’ll be ensuring we support members on this important journey through research, CPD and through our influencing activities, representing members’ views. 

We’ll also be highlighting it through our Accounting for a Better World agenda, telling the stories which highlight the ways ACCA members use their unique blend of professional skills and ethical outlook to make a positive difference in society. 

We can’t be sure precisely what lies ahead in 2023. But we can promise that we will strive to support you, and that ACCA and ACCA members will continue to serve as a force for public good in all that we do.

We wish you and your families a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead.

Joseph and Helen