Why our exams are changing

Ultimately we are making these changes to benefit our students and employers, with changes coming as a result of your feedback and our extensive approach to exam development.

All of the recent and upcoming changes we’re making to our exam offering are based on our vision of:

"Providing innovative, market leading assessment and learning support, enhancing the flexibility and relevance of our qualification through technological solutions, which maintain or improve the rigour and security of assessments."


To ensure the ACCA Qualification reflects what employers require in newly qualified finance professionals we continually assess the Qualification, updating it where necessary to stay relevant with modern ways of working.  As a result we have and are introducing more assessment by a computer based method to test students on the skills required in the modern workplace.

These changes are in addition to the syllabus changes we make each year, to ensure we continue to test students on the most relevant content and in the way most relevant to  so that they remain in demand from employers.


We are making our exam model more flexible provide so that the exams can better fit around an individual student or employer’s commitments.  For example our exams are available as On-demand CBEs at the early stages of our Qualification offerings and we now have four exam sessions a year.  This not only provides students with more options of when to sit exams, but also provides them with the potential to progress through to membership quicker depending on their circumstances.


We like to Think Ahead at ACCA and as a result we are making innovative assessment and exam delivery changes.  For example, we are designing sophisticated new question types to be used in our new Session CBEs and in order to ensure students receive a fair and reliable result we will be using an innovative security system. 


Whilst making all these changes to our exams, you can be assured that our approach to exam development will always have the rigour and quality of our Qualification as its main focus.  For example, we have gone through an extensive consultation and trialling process for our Session CBEs with employers, content providers and students so that they continue to examine the same learning outcomes as their paper based equivalents and to the same standard.  Therefore you can have confidence that all students will receive a fair and accurate assessment based on their performance.