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Live video panel

Ready for growth? A checklist for the finance directors of high-potential businesses

Even the best-run businesses can struggle at times to cope with rapid business growth. While some break through, others can languish for years waiting for another big break. This very session focuses on how businesses can set their finance functions up today for rapid growth in the immediate future, by reviewing the most common ways in which internal processes create obstacles to growth and most successful ways in which they can support it.

Chair: Emmanouil Schizas, senior economic analyst, ACCA

Speakers: Fernando Sepulveda, chief executive officer, Impulsa; Gabriel Low FCCA, chief finance officer, GEA Westfalia Separator (SEA) Pte Ltd; Gary Cokins, chief executive officer, Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC; Andi Lonnen, finance director, financial training and coaching, growth coach, Andi Lonnen Business Services

Ready for Growth A checklist for the Finance Directors of high-potential businesses