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Understanding the investor: the future of corporate reporting

ACCA research in 2013 has shown that different categories of investors have very different views on what is needed from the corporate reporting regime. This session will examine the key issues and try to come up with solutions for policymakers facing varying demands and criticisms. Some of the issues will include declining investor trust in corporate reports; treading the line between short and long-term investor demands; increasing shareholder engagement both with companies and the reporting process; investment in emerging markets and the impact of reporting regimes; and the effect of new technology on company reporting

Chair: Ian Welch, former head of policy, ACCA

Speakers: Samantha McConnell, chief investment officer, IFG Pensions and Advisory, Services Ireland;  David Stewart, chief investment officer, Santander Asset Management UK; Robert Talbut, chief investment officer, Royal London Asset Management

Understanding the investor: the future of corporate reporting