We know you don't always have time to physically attend presentations, so we've created some podcasts and vodcasts you can review when it suits you.

Here is a selection:

Changes to UK GAAP

This podcast takes a look at the changes to UK GAAP and how these will affect businesses in the UK.

Workplace pensions reform

Under auto-enrolment, all businesses with one employee or more are required to automatically enrol eligible jobholders into a pension scheme and contribute to that individual’s pension.

Growth and exports

A series looking at the key issues that organisations face when it comes to growth and exporting, focusing on the need for expansion into new markets.

Knowing your client's business

Why do we need information about clients and what should we use the information for?

Managing ongoing relationships

How to manage ongoing relationships and create productive clients.

Protect your price

Don't let your clients haggle with you – negotiate with them.

Reporting issues for charities

ACCA, in partnership with the Charity Commission, focuses on the key reporting issues facing charities in the UK.

Sell yourself, sell your business

How to sell yourself, your firm and your services to potential clients.

PAYE penalties

HMRC talks to ACCA on the introduction of the late-payment penalties system.