Anti-money laundering guidance

Since the commencement of the Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) (Amendment) Act 2018 on 26 November 2018 the anti-money laundering guidance on this page has become out of date. The changes brought by the new legislation do not alter the fundamentals of what money laundering is nor the obligations to report money laundering. However, the new legislation has a more robust approach to risk and reporting and there are other changes.

New Anti-Money Laundering Guidance is been developed by a CCAB-I working party and this will be issued early in 2019.  The previous guidance included on this page and titled M42 (Revised) Anti-Money Laundering Guidance - Republic of Ireland, is still available to download, however aspects of the guidance have been superseded by the 2018 Act and this guidance will be withdrawn once the CCAB-I working party has completed their work and the new guidance issued.