Most companies are working with the measures, many of which are incorrectly termed key performance indicators (KPIs). Successful companies develop KPIs with a focus on alignment, and growth. From his research, David Parmenter has found that very few organizations have identified their "winning KPIs" as he calls them. 

In this webinar, following on from "Key performance indicators part one", David will cover how to find KPIs in your organisation, and why finding your organisation’s critical success factors (CSFs) is often the missing link.

This webinar series will help you improve:

  • the performance measures you choose
  • how you convey to staff what really is important – the CSFs
  • any balanced scorecard or KPI initiative.

This second session will cover:

  • why measures should be sourced from the organisation’s critical success factors (CSFs)
  • how you find your organisation’s CSFs
  • how to ascertain measures from a CSF
  • some useful CSFs and their related performance measures
  • the foundation stones that need to be put in place for a KPI project to work
  • the six stage process to implementing winning KPIs, from his best-selling KPI book
  • the eight stages of selling and leading change.

Speaker details - David Parmenter

David Parmenter, author and international presenter, has been helping finance teams around the world embrace swift month-end and year-end reporting, adopt 21st century applications, and replicate better practice report formats, for fifteen years.  

He has written over 15 pieces for Accounting and Business magazine and has partnered with ACCA on a number of lean finance webinars.