Through his quick month-end reporting webinar series, David Parmenter has helped ACCA members improve their month-end, planning and forecasting processes. Now with this webinar he turns to timely annual reporting.

Participants will receive a comprehensive checklist and invaluable course papers for practical reference.

This webinar will cover:

  • the need for change
  • getting organised with use of better practice and year-end rules
  • effective communication with the auditors, establish an audit coordinator role, post-it re-engineering, scrums and abandonment
  • using technology to save time, using consolidation, intercompany and collaborative disclosure management software
  • lean year-end activities efficient stock, debtors and fixed asset procedures, hard close at month ten or eleven
  • controlling the last mile and maintaining quality, handling the myriad of data, quality assurance of annual report, avoiding the number noise of a constantly shifting bottom line.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this webinar you will be able to:

  • recognise the need for change
  • cut weeks out of your annual accounts exercise
  • tackle your year-end barriers.

Speaker details - David Parmenter FCA

David Parmenter, author and international presenter, has been helping finance teams around the world embrace swift month-end and year-end reporting, adopt 21st century applications, and replicate better practice report formats, for fifteen years.  

He has written over 15 pieces for Accounting and Business magazine and has partnered with ACCA on a number of lean finance webinars.