Learn how lean organisations have been able to produce the annual plan quickly, in less than two weeks, and eventually replace it with a quarterly rolling planning process. Discover how rolling forecasting is the key to help make this happen.

This is the second session of the three part webinar series: Lean planning and forecasting for the 21st century. 

Upon completion of the series you will be able to:

  • recognise the need for change
  • formulate a strategic way forward
  • re-design your planning and forecasting so they play a bigger part in getting your organisation future ready.

Session two will cover:

  • a planning tool case study
  • helicopter planning
  • foundations stones of planning
  • useful report formats and templates
  • better practice planning techniques
  • managing the planning process with daily scrums and a Kanban board
  • the two week annual planning timetable.

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David Parmenter

David Parmenter, author and international presenter, has been helping finance teams around the world, embrace swift month-end and year-end reporting, adopt 21st century applications, and replicate better practice report formats for fifteen years.

He has written over 15 pieces for Accounting and Business magazine and has partnered with ACCA on a number of lean finance webinars: