We recognise the effort you've put into becoming an ACCA member or fellow (ACCA/FCCA). We are on this journey with you and we too, are committed…

To improve your career prospects by giving you the tools you need to be where you aspire to be.

To be a lifelong career partner you can rely on.

To build and maintain a forward thinking, globally recognised and respected brand that you can be proud of.

This is what you told us

  • Your career and employability

    1 in 10 members say:

    ACCA designation does not increase career prospects and earning potential.
    Not enough vacancies advertised at my level

    58% Would like:

    Better support for those seeking employment

    What we're doing to support this area


    ACCA Careers

    For those looking for a new job, or a new recruit, ACCA Careers is the destination for employers who are looking for ACCA people as well as for ACCA members and students looking for career resources and that next opportunity.

    Business lead generation

    The online member directory has been revamped and renamed 'Find an Accountant' - showcasing you, your firm and the Chartered Certified Accountancy profession as a whole to potential business leads.

    Promoting you, our valued members

    We will be drumming up our communication to encourage potential employers to utilise the Find an Accountant tool and post their vacancies on ACCA careers.

  • Building a globally recognised brand

    ACCA shapes the agenda of the accountancy profession

    What we're doing to support this area

    Global development

    Your membership body has a team of experts dedicated to raising the recognition of the ACCA brand and developing the profession globally. We are involved in over 50 capacity building projects in over 36 countries.


    To ensure your ACCA / FCCA designation is recognised and valued, our experts form strong alliances and partnerships with other global and national professional bodies, government, regulatory bodies as well as educational institutions.

    Capacity building and corporate social responsibility

    Public value drives our agenda. Our development objectives support initiatives such as the World Bank Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSCs) and the UNCTAD Accounting Development Tool.

    By working closely with local counterparts around the world, ACCA offers a wide range of expertise to support development of global accountancy and contribute to economic growth.

    We do this by

    • Establishing or strengthening professional bodies and regional groupings
    • Improving education standards
    • Advising on regulatory structures, policies and quality assurance programmes
    • Helping develop and implement international standards in accounting, auditing, ethics, education and public sector accounting
  • Resources and information you value

    37% “Provide more CPD opportunities that are relevant to me”
    Would like more relevant routes to other professional qualifications
    Offer more variety of CPD resources
    I'd like to know about general management, specific industry insights relevant to me, business and investment issues

    What we're doing to support this area

    Your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) resources

    • Professional partnership to enhance your expertise

      Based on your feedback, we are working towards partnerships with other professional and education bodies to provide access to affordable and relevant post-membership specialist routes and qualifications. See what we offer

    • Development bundles tailored to you

      We are also building professional development bundles, tailored to different sectors to help you sharpen the skills you need in your everyday job. Check out the resources available

    • Type of resources

      We know different people have different learning preferences and we are constantly adding to the variety of learning resources in the CPD hub to meet your needs. Check out the CPD resource finder

    More ways to enjoy AB publications

    You can now enjoy Accounting and Business magazine featuring all the industry news and technical articles via AB Direct eZine, as well as the AB mobile app.

    Professional Insight hub

    We will continue to report on insights and trends in business and finance via our new professional insights hub, going live this year.

  • Communication and support for you

    Tell me what is relevant to me

    61% Think:

    Give me better service
    Finding information on the website is not easy

    What we're doing to support this area

    Members section

    We've recently launched this new, mobile friendly section with refreshed content and design, based on your feedback. Have a browse around the section and let us know what you think.

    CPD resource finder

    As part of this website, we've also put in a CPD resource finder to make it easier to find the resource that is relevant to you, wherever you are.

    Getting to know you better

    We have invested in a new Customer Relationship Management system that will allow us to better identify what you need based on your interaction with us.

    Better customer support

    We are constantly finding ways to improve our service for you:

    • We've introduced "web chat" and monthly Facebook Q&A sessions as a quicker way to support you
    • We are open 24/7, 365 days for round the clock service coverage, wherever you're based
    • We're also asking for your feedback after each call to make sure that you are happy with the service

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