Case studies

  • Rosanna Choi, FCCA
    Rosanna Choi

    Hong Kong-based Rosanna Choi is spending an increasing amount of time with clients and potential clients discussing international expansion as a result of the BRI.

    Rosanna Choi is a partner at professional advisory firm CW CPA.  Just before she spoke to  ACCA Rosanna had completed a meeting with a German consultancy firm with a focus on the shipping industry, which is referring clients to her business. CW CPA has also recently started serving a...

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  • Arthur Lee, FCCA
    Arthur Lee

    Arthur Lee is convinced that BRI opens up opportunities for many different types of companies along the whole of the length of the BRI. ‘We can see that this is opening the door for businesses for significant geographical expansion.’ 

    He is part of the management team  of an energy company based in Hong Kong. In 2015 its parent company invested in...

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  • David Li, FCCA
    David Li

    David Li is already a veteran of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). An FCCA he is a co-founder of a Guangdong-based investment company which is investing in Africa, in particular in the East African country of Ethiopia. 

    He set up a company which designs factories and trades equipment. He also works in a consultancy capacity for a Chinese company which constructed an industrial zone in...

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  • Ayla Majid, FCCA
    Ayla Majid

    Ayla Majid is able to see how BRI is developing, where opportunities are emerging and where economic activity is likely to be strongest. 

    Heading up CAMCO, a Pakistan capital market and advisory company; and leading the business advisory portfolio at Khalid Majid Rehman Chartered Accountants, Ayla Majid spends much of her time advising on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and setting up projects across various industries such as...

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  • Alice Yip, FCCA
    Alice Yip

    Alice Yip, an audit partner with KPMG China based in Hong Kong is experiencing BRI first hand.

    In the profession 22 years and elected to ACCA Council in 2017, she is currently the lead partner for a group investing in Myanmar and Cambodia which is engaged in the construction, sale and leasing of fibre optic telecommunication networks.

    Such an infrastructure project is at the heart of the promise and prospect which BRI offers. Alice Yip is helping the group raise funds through..

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  • Belinda Young, FCCA
    Belinda Young

    Helping clients across a wide range of business sectors, Belinda Young is focussed on enabling businesses to come to Singapore to set up new commercial ventures.  

    She says: 'Because of BRI we have seen a greater influx of investors coming to Singapore, expanding their enterprises with the help of initiatives from the Singapore Government.' She runs an independent accountancy firm and she says...

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