What this means

  • The ACCA Qualification progressively develops a students' and members' skills to assess, evaluate and understand a business and its environment and provide the appropriate business advise.
  • The ACCA Qualification provides a rounded and solid grounding in the necessary attributes for an advisory role – particularly though the assessment of different business case studies at the Strategic Professional Level.

Developing the Advisory and Consultancy competency

Explore the competency statements to discover how the ACCA Qualification develops this competency through a combination of exams, experience and ethics. Browse related jobs to find relevant finance roles and opportunities.

A. Gathers and understands financial and non-financial information to develop complete knowledge of the client business and the environment in which it operates.

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    A1. Collects information from internal and external sources and stakeholders, considering both financial and non-financial information that impact on the business.

    A2. Analyses and evaluates the information, applying professional scepticism, to produce a deep understanding of the business and the wider external business environment.

    A3. Applies commercial awareness to understand how factors will impact strategic performance, opportunities and change.

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Exams Syllabus section Experience Ethics
Strategic Business Leader I2, I3, I4 PO1 d, e Unit 4 - section 2, 3
Advanced Performance Management A2, A6, D1 PO21 a  
Advanced Financial Management A2 PO22 a  

B. Provides expert advice that will add value to the business and gain advantage.

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    B1. Evaluates the current position of the business against the external competitive environment and the availability of internal resources and capabilities.

    B2. Advises on business performance to make clear recommendations on methods to generate cost reductions and/or improvements to revenue, value and processes.

    B3. Identifies and assesses the opportunities and problems to enable the business to convert prospective market into sustainable growth and create competitive advantage.

    B4. Strikes a balance between advising the pursuit of short-term growth and profit and the pursuit of longer-term, sustainable growth and profit.

    B5. Uses and promotes innovation in a bid to drive competitive advantage.


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Exams Syllabus section Experience Ethics
Strategic Business Leader C4, C5, I5 PO3 d,e Unit 4 - section 1, 2, 3
Advanced Financial Management A5, B1, B2, B3, D1, D2    
Advanced Performance Management A5, D1 PO21 c Unit 3 - all sections

C. Identify and advise on business partnering to develop strategic relationships to create opportunities, improve performance and solve business problems.


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    C1 Develops and maintains ethical and professional relationships and effective and strategic networks.

    C2 Advises on the implications of business partnering including innovative and collaborative working to align and achieve business and strategic objectives.

    C3. Assesses and advises on the suitability and feasibility of different business partnerships to meet identified objectives and solve business problems while evaluating and managing the risk of new relationships.


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Exams Syllabus section Experience       Ethics       
Advanced Performance Management C1, C5 PO21 b  
Strategic Business Leader H1 PO2 d  

D. Prepare and present business plans and advise on the actions to implement these plans.

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    D1. Communicates effectively and concisely, adapting to meet the requirements of the stakeholders, and utilising appropriate technologies, to deliver an understandable and inspiring business plan.

    D2. Presents plans such that the stakeholders can evaluate the options and assess whether they align with the business operations and stakeholders objectives and priorities.

    D3. Ensures the agreed strategic plans are converted into achievable and manageable operational plans that enable the implementation of the strategy.

    D4. Identifies and evaluates alternative and appropriate sources of business finance for a specific business plan and considers new and innovative financing practices.

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    Exams Syllabus section Experience    Ethics          
    Strategic Business Leader G1, G2, I1

    PO2 b

    PO21 d, e

    PO22 e

    Unit 8 - all sections
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    Demonstrate creativity in developing business partnerships to improve performance and gain advantage.


    Demonstrate intelligence in producing strategic plans that will add value to the business and advise on the necessary implementation actions.


    Demonstrate vision by identifying opportunites and developing plans to optimise strategy and solve business problems.