Covid-19 exam information

During the Covid-19 pandemic our key priorities have been to ensure the health and safety of students and to allow students to continue on their exam journeys.

Exam availability

Our exam availability and booking page lets you know if you can book remote and/or centre-based exams in your location.

Remote exams

Many students are now taking their exams at home, taking advantage of the added convenience our remote exams offer. 

If students enter for a centre-based exam which is subsequently cancelled due to the impacts of Covid-19, they will also be offered the option to take their exam remotely.

Centre exams

All necessary precautionary measures will be in place in centres so that you can continue to take your exam in a safe environment.

Please see below for information on the measures taken for the September 2022 session.  Should any measures be necessary for the December 2022 session, these documents will be updated in due course.