• Accountants driving change in diversity and inclusion

    20 January 

    How can finance professionals take ownership of their role in the diversity and inclusion agenda? What drives real change? And what can we learn from people who are already making a difference?

    The first of our three conversations on diversity and inclusion looks to answer these questions, and to launch our new report ‘Leading inclusion’ which discusses diversity, inclusion and equity.

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    Meet the panellists:

    Datuk Zaiton Mohd Hassan FCCA

    Datuk Zaiton Mohd Hassan smiling, looking towards camera

    'If we’re not careful the CEOs and CFOs of the future will be the children of the current CEOs and CFOs. This is wrong without giving others an opportunity'.

    Datuk Zaiton Mohd Hassan is the chief executive officer of the Malaysia Professional Accountancy Centre (MyPAC). Prior to this, she was the managing director of Capital Intelligence Advisors SDN BHD, the president and executive director of the Malaysian Rating Corporation BHD, and the general manager of Maybank BHD.

    Zaiton strongly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to access education, regardless of their financial circumstances. She is continually inspired by the success stories of young people she meets through MyPAC who, when given the opportunity and support, are able to transform their future.

    Enoch Adeyemi FCCA

    Enoch Adeyemi FCCA looking towards camera

    'Ask yourself if this situation seems right, and if it’s not right, challenge it'

    Enoch Adeyemi is a passionate advocate for fairness and equality. He has a career spanning over a decade in Financial Services with some of Britain’s household names including Barclays and RBS. He lives in Edinburgh, loves to keep fit and is a Christian.

    When Enoch moved to the UK from Nigeria at 17 years old he arrived with no connections or network to help him adjust to the challenges of a different culture. His experiences led him to become an advocate for change. And he started the Black Professionals Scotland network (formerly Black Professionals Edinburgh) to support others in a similar situation.

    Sumathi Mohnani FCCA

    Sumathi Mohnani FCCA looking towards camera

    'By sharing our knowledge, financial literacy is a step forward towards a more inclusive society'

    Sumathi Mohnani has over 37 years’ experience primarily in the Finance domain.  After she graduated from The University of the West Indies with a degree in Management Studies, she joined the firm of Price Waterhouse, Jamaica, West Indies as a statutory auditor. During her career, she has worked in several countries and organizations, gathering diverse experience in Controls and Compliance, Internal Audit and Accounting, Delivery in Centres of Competence, Enterprise Strategy, Sales Transaction Support Centres and CFO Projects Office.

    Sumathi is a passionate believer in the importance of financial literacy in achieving an inclusive society. Involved in a variety of diversity and inclusion initiatives throughout her career, she now volunteers in a programme designed to teach young teenagers the benefits of managing their personal finances – which will help them to be a positive influence within their families and wider community.

    Clive Webb

    Clive Webb, smiling and facing the camera

    Senior Professional Insights Manager, ACCA

    Clive leads on ACCA’s research on business and technology related matters from the perspective of chief financial officer.His research interests include the application of digital technologies to the finance function, and how they impact on the people and processes they support.He has a particular interest in the personal developmental aspects of an organisation. Clive is the author of ACCA latest report ‘Leading inclusion’. The report is based upon a survey of ACCA members, affiliates and future members that was conducted in October 2020 and elicited 10,049 responses from our community.

  • Diversity and inclusion: working together

    10 February

    Diversity and inclusion is something we’re all aware is vital to a successful organisation, yet up to half of us (according to the respondents to a recent ACCA survey) are not sure what we need to do to play our part, whilst nearly three-quarters of those who responded think we are an inclusive profession. To help us appreciate the valuable role we can play in this movement, ACCA’s latest CPD e-learning, Diversity and inclusion: working together, helps to define what it means and how to identify strategies that you can personally undertake and support your organisation.  

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  • Authenticity and unconscious bias in the workplace

    17 February

    Would you be comfortable exploring your unconscious bias? Are you able to be authentic at work?

    Join our webinar to explore the link between authenticity and unconscious bias and consider what they really mean in the workplace today. We’ll share stories from people who had the courage to answer these questions and hear what they learned on their journey.

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    Meet the panellists:

    Dev Ramnarine FCCA

    Dev Ramnarine FCCA, pictured with trees in the background, smiling, facing camera

    Partner / ACCA Technology Global Forum / International Keynote Speaker / Executive Vice President

    'In birthing a new reality, dancing with chaos is necessary.'.

    Dev holds titles including: Audit Partner, CPA By Choice; Executive Vice President, National Association of Black Accountants; Co-founder of Thrudheim LLC; Principal owner of DREducation. He is also a keynote speaker, author, musician, member of ACCA's Technology Global Forum and a global ACCA Advocate.

    Dev has a singular dream: to create a world that works for everyone, everywhere. All his endeavours in life are dedicated to fulfilling on this accountability by empowering, inspiring, and leaving others with clarity, at the level of self, others and the world.

    Vanessa Bellau

    Vanessa Bellau, smiling towards the camera, holding a pair of glasses, in front of a bright colourful backdrop

    Biz strategist, Executive Coach + Inclusion and Belonging Consultant

    ‘Getting employees to be authentically themselves should be companies' number one priority!’

    Vanessa Belleau is the founder of High Fifteen Ltd. She has over 15 years of experience in various industries (Fashion, Beauty, FMCG and Services). She is a proud slasher contributing positively to the world by delivering Business Strategy, Inclusion + Belonging Consultancy and Executive coaching.

    Vanessa has a clear purpose: to make people and brands (over 50 to date) focus on what really matters. As a storyteller of social truths, she helps clients visualise how much more relevant they can be, by using strong validated insights, a spicy spirit, a bucket full of passion and plenty of humour.

    Warner Johnston

    Warner Johnston, smiling towards camera

    Head of ACCA USA

    ‘Authenticity and unconscious bias are connected by self-reflection.’

    Warner Johnston is a business, marketing and public affairs professional who has held various executive roles in New York State and New York City governments.  Since 2011, Warner has served as ACCA’s Head of the USA, and in the past served as an advisor to ACCA’s Canadian and Caribbean market teams in an effort to focus on market strategy and engagement activities.

    Warner is a member of various professional associations, a member of the board of British American Business Council Northern California and regularly guest lectures on marketing and public affairs. He is also the chair of ACCA’s LGBTQIA+ community.

  • International Women's Day

    8 March

    We're celebrating International Women's Day 2021 with Ainslie van Onselen, CA ANZ Chef Executive, and Helen Brand ACCA, Chief Executive.

    Join Helen Brand and Ainslie van Onselen as they share the virtual stage on 8 March 2021. Our hour-long event features Helen and Ainslie talking to host Poorna Bell about their journeys to CEO and sharing their challenges, successes, and personal experiences.

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    Meet the panellists:

    Helen Brand

    Photo of Helen Brand, ACCA Chief Executive. Helen is looking to the camera and smiling.

    ACCA Chief Executive

    Helen Brand is chief executive of ACCA, the global body for professional accountants, a post she has held since 2008.

    Helen has built her career within professional bodies and has considerable experience and knowledge of the 176 markets in which ACCA currently operates. She is a founding member of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and now serves as a co-Vice-Chair of the IIRC Board. A member of the UK’s government’s Professional and Business Service Council, she was also appointed to the UK DIT’s Trade Advisory Group on Professional Advisory Services in August 2020. 

    One of the few women to lead a global professional body, Helen is a regular media commentator on the role ethics and the delivery of public value play in business and society

    Ainslie van Onselen

    Photo of Ainslie Van Onselen, Chief Executive of CA ANZ. Ainslie is looking to the camera and smiling, in front of a backdrop showing a partial CA ANZ logo.

    CA ANZ Chief Executive

    Ainslie is an experienced, strategic executive with an extensive background across financial services and law. As a seasoned business leader with strong commercial acumen and a proven track record of growth, she has extensive experience in change management, talent development, forward thinking strategy development and execution, digital transformation, advocacy and risk and compliance governance.  

    Poorna Bell

    Photograph of journalist Poorna Bell. Poorna is looking to the camera and smiling.

    Award-winning journalist, public speaker and author

    Poorna Bell is an award-winning journalist , charismatic motivational speaker, published author and influencer. Poorna Bell works extensively across several areas, including women's journalism, women in business, fitness and strength, body image, and wellness mental health and is a diversity activist.

    Poorna was a former UK Executive Editor and Global Lifestyle Head for HuffPost and now works as a freelance journalist and editor for titles including The Guardian, Red magazine, Stylist, Grazia, Women's Health and the Daily Telegraph.