ACCA Competency Framework

What is the Competency Framework?

The ACCA Competency Framework is an online, interactive tool which demonstrates the different competencies developed through all elements of the ACCA Qualification (exams, ethics module and experience requirement) and links these competencies to jobs in finance.

It is a valuable tool to illustrate how ACCA members are complete finance professionals and have a comprehensive skill set to work in a variety of accounting and finance roles.

How is it useful for me?

It will show you how ACCA relates to specific jobs and different business sectors and will help you identify which performance objectives you should be getting signed-off by your practical experience supervisor.  

Showing career pathways and progression routes

The ACCA Competency Framework shows you the type of jobs ACCA members do, how to get these jobs, and progress through your career in finance.

You will also be able to see what type of skills you have developed which will help you show your achievements to employers.

Helping you with PER

Relating your study to the job you are doing will help you plan and succeed in your journey to membership.

The ACCA Competency Framework links the exams, jobs and the performance objectives you need to get signed-off for as part of the Practical Experience Requirements (PER). This helps you identify which performance objectives you should target and get signed-off.

Choose the right Options

The Options papers are the last exam hurdle before membership.

It is important that you choose the Options papers which best reflect the job you are doing or want to do and the content you feel most confident in.

The ACCA Competency Framework makes these links and can help you make the right choice.

Start using the ACCA Competency Framework

If you want to see how your journey to membership, by achieving the ACCA Qualification, links to your career and the competencies you are gaining then use the ACCA Competency Framework. Use the framework to explore how exams, experience and ethics link to accountancy and finance career opportunities.