How long does it take to re-register by form?

Completed applications with the correct fee enclosed will be processed within 10 working days of receipt.

If you can pay by debit or credit card, it is quicker and easier to re-register by phone.


If you are re-registering and want to enter for exams, your completed application form must reach our Glasgow office, along with the correct fee, at least 10 working days before the relevant exam entry deadline.


We will let you know by email once your re-registration is complete. We advise that you don't start your studies with a tuition provider before this.  

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Re-registration fee

When you re-register you will need to pay a re-registration fee together with any fees that were outstanding when you left the register.

If you have no outstanding fees, then you only need to pay the re-registration fee.

You can find our current re-registration fee on our fees and charges pages.

Outstanding fees

If your account is suspended then you will not be able to check or pay your outstanding fees via myACCA. However, we can't accept application forms unless the correct fee is enclosed.

Before you complete the 'payment' section of the re-registration form, you should contact us via your local office or ACCA Connect to confirm the exact amount you need to pay. Ensuring you enclose the correct fee will help avoid any delays in processing your re-registration.

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Annual subscription fee

As an ACCA student, you need to pay an annual subscription fee each year. You do not need to pay this fee when you re-register, unless it is outstanding for a previous year.

However, the date that you re-register will affect the date on which you need to pay your next annual subscription fee.

  • If you re-register before the standard entry deadline for June exams then we will invoice you in May or June for the annual subscription fee for that year.

  • If you re-register after that time, we will invoice you in November for the following year, and this must be paid on or before 1st January.

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Time limits for exams

There are certain time limits put in place for students to complete their ACCA Qualification exams.

Learn about time limits for completing the ACCA Qualification, and how these apply to you.

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Qualifications gained since you were last an ACCA student

If you have gained additional qualifications since you were last registered as an ACCA student, you may be eligible for exemption(s) for some exams.

You can make this application at the same time as you re-register. To do this, please send in official proof of your qualifications such as academic transcripts or award certificates along with your registration form.

What type of documents are acceptable?

We can only accept copies of official documents that have been signed and stamped by the awarding body. We cannot accept online print outs of academic transcripts.

Documents in languages other than English

If your documents are not in English, they must be officially translated into English before you send them to us. You should send us both a copy of the official English translation and a photocopy of the documents in the original language.  

Learn more about exemptions and how to apply

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Is your employer an ACCA exchange/approved partner?

If your employer is an ACCA exchange employer or approved partner, please contact your company directly before attempting to re-register with us.


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