Sustainability is one of the burning issues of our times and is relevant to us all, regardless of where we live or how we earn our living.​

As organisations are rebuilding from the pandemic, there is a growing desire for a transformative and sustainable global recovery, which is providing a fresh focus for organisations to drive forward their position in relation on sustainability.​

Accountants and finance professionals have an important part to play, helping organisations adapt to the sustainable practices required to prevent resource depletion, facilitate long term success, and build a more sustainable future.​ 

Learning outcomes 


On successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • explain why sustainability is important to society, to organisations, and to finance professionals​

  • evaluate business value chains, business models and business practices for sustainability and related issues​

  • define climate change risks and the associated financial implications, and understand the reporting frameworks for climate risk disclosures ​

  • explain the UN SDGs, their significance for organisations in terms of risks and opportunities and the definitions of impact ​

  • explain why ESG issues are important for your organisation and evaluate processes and systems for collecting, analysing and reporting ESG information​​

  • explain why sustainability analytics is important for your organisation and evaluate the approach for compiling, analysing and interpreting ESG data.