The Coronavirus pandemic continues to have had such a big impact globally and will have affected many members and their families during 2021 as it did last year, whether it being through unemployment or perhaps even losing loved ones because of the disease. We are aware that ACCA has provided useful resources to members to help them deal with the impacts and the implications of the Coronavirus outbreak and are encouraged by the tales of resilience that ACCA members have displayed in meeting these challenges. We would like to remind all members that the Benevolent Fund is available to help members and their families at any time, whether they be affected by Coronavirus or any other reason where they may need financial support. However, please note that we cannot provide financial support to pay annual subscriptions.

I’m pleased to report we have continued to help more members and their families during 2021, although we still want to help more. The Coronavirus will continue to affect many people and awareness of the Fund is important so we can help more ACCA members and their families in their times of need.

The Benevolent Fund has been helping ACCA members and their families for over 100 years and we want to continue to help for many years to come. We have a Disaster Fund which was set up to help members and their families affected by natural disasters and this year we’ve helped many members impacted by Coronavirus and the St Vincent & Grenadines volcano eruption. In previous years we have also helped members affected by the impact of hurricanes in the Caribbean and Bahamas and floods in Kerala, India. Wherever possible we try to contact members in these regions through our local offices and by e-mail, to make them aware of the Benevolent Fund. So if you are aware of anyone who needs help please let them know about the Fund. All enquiries are dealt with in the strictest confidence and any information provided would only be stored or used to assist with the administration of any request and provision of any help. We take members’ privacy seriously. 

Although we’re members of a profession with a reputation for prudence, I’m sure we all understand that some life events can destroy anyone’s sensible financial planning. So if you haven’t done so already, please consider becoming a donor. Giving is simple, so please visit our how can I donate pages and find out how you can support us to help more members and their families. 

Next year we want to reach even more of our members in need, wherever they are in the world. To do this we need your help, so please spread the word about us because many members may need our help, but aren’t aware of our work. 

To those who helped us in 2021, thank you. And to everyone, may I wish you a happy new year - your support has made it so for many of our beneficiaries.

Jacqueline Cole FCCA
CCABF Chairman