Hear from fellow professionals working in a range of industry sectors.


John Webb FCCA looks at the importance of providing objective assurance on present risk and anticipating future risks.

Banking internal audit


Now that every NHS organisation has an internal audit function providing an annual head of internal audit opinion on its system of internal control, governance and risk management, what does this mean for you?

Internal audit in the NHS

Local government

In this article, Karen Lowe talks about the diverse nature of the internal audit work she has undertaken in local government.

The diverse nature of internal audit within local government

Social housing

Graeme Clarke explains what it means to be an internal auditor in the rapidly changing social (affordable) housing sector.

Internal audit in social housing

Further education

There’s a learning curve to being an internal auditor in further education. Graeme Clarke explains why.

Internal audit in further education

Higher education

Laura Hallez shares her experience of being an internal auditor in higher education.

Internal audit in higher education


Manan Sagar considers the increasingly important role of internal audit within the age-old insurance sector.

Insurance: why internal audit matters


The internal audit function is crucial in a large telecommunications company, as BT’s James Grigor explains.

Internal audit in the telecommunications sector

Charities and the NHS

Khushboo Bajaria shares her experiences of being an internal auditor in both a charity and the NHS – and reveals which area she prefers.

Internal audit within charities and the NHS: a comparison

Oil and gas industry

David Watton discusses some of the major changes he’s seen to internal audit during his 20 years in the oil and gas industry.

Internal audit in the oil and gas industry