ACCA Accelerate

Introducing the ACCA Accelerate programme

All over the world, employers are seeking out ACCA members to take their organisations into the future. That's because the ACCA Qualification creates strategic thinkers who understand business needs.

The good news is that when you join the Accelerate programme, you get to leap ahead on your journey to becoming an ACCA member - a chartered certified finance professional.

That's because what you learn on your degree will count towards your ACCA Qualification. So by the time you graduate, you could have completed all the ACCA exams.

And the really great news is you can save considerable money by paying a reduced registration fee, discounted exemptions and special subscription fees. Please note that exemptions must be claimed before the waiver expiry date.

What’s it like studying on the ACCA Accelerate programme?

Your university course is ACCA accredited, so it’s already aligned with our approach. In addition, you’ll get to study towards your final ACCA Professional-level exams, if you have the correct exemptions. You should check with your course leader to see if your course has conditional or non-conditional exemptions.

This means you’ll enter the workplace as an ACCA affiliate. You could become a qualified ACCA member in as little as 36 months after you graduate.

And all the while you’re studying with us, you’ll have access to free study resources and the ACCA Careers Job Board. You’ll be part of a worldwide community of ACCA students.