The Covid-19 pandemic has created a difficult time for you as ACCA students. Our key priority has been to ensure and support your health and safety. We’ve been closely following government and official guidelines.

We have carefully reviewed the viability of running the June exam sittings country by country and have been notifying students as soon as we can in countries where we’ve needed to cancel exams. We’ll continue to do this as and when these decisions are made.

The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) have been created to address students’ most common queries during this pandemic in countries that have had their exam session cancelled.

If your exams have been moved to July, please access the July exam session FAQs.

Are ACCA’s exams still going ahead in the June 2020 session?

  • Our approach is to run exams where it is safe to do so, and to cancel exams where we cannot run them. Unfortunately, this has led to the cancellation of the exams across a number of countries.

  • Any decisions are based on government and official guidance and we aim to make decisions as quickly as possible. We have alerted students in affected markets as soon as we know, and updated our Covid-19 hub.

  • We are issuing exam fee credits for any exams entered if the exam is subsequently cancelled. We aim to do so within five working days from when students have been notified of exams being cancelled.

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Why have you not cancelled all exams now?

We have assessed each country individually and updated our students and tutors as soon as we have confirmed what is safe to do in each country. 

ACCA offers exams in more than 140 countries and it is important we do what is right for students in each individual country.

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ACCA’s exam session cancellation policy advises there is no guarantee for students receiving a return of exam fees in the event of a pandemic. Does this policy remain in place?

Given the severity of Covid-19 we have reviewed our policy and have offered students a credit for any exams impacted by the spread of the virus. 

Our key concern remains the safety of our students.

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Will I have to pay an increased fee for September exams?

We know these are difficult and challenging times, so to help support our students through them we’ve decided to freeze our exam prices for the September 2020 exam session.  

The previously announced exam entry fee increases will therefore not take place until after the September 2020 session. 

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I have already booked my September exam. Will I get a discount?

The September 2020 exam session opened for entry on 11 February, so for those of you who’ve already booked, we’ll organise a credit to your account for the price difference. 

We will aim to process these within seven working days – please bear with us whilst we do so.

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If I am unable to sit my exam due to the session being cancelled, will I be automatically entered for the same exam in the next available session?

Students will be credited for their cancelled exam and students should re-enter for a future session using Exam Planner.  

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Will exam centres have capacity for all students who want to take exams in September?

We are working on ways to increase exam centre capacity for the September session due to the expected increased demand. We know students will be keen to continue on their journey to membership and we are already planning for that.

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My exam is only available in the June and December sessions. If the June session is cancelled in my area would it be possible for the exam to be offered in September as a one-off?

A number of exams that are only offered ordinarily in the June/December exam sessions are now being offered in the September session using the June syllabus. 

You can view these exams here. Exam entry will be available for these exams from 5 May and students should book through Exam Planner in the normal fashion. 

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Will ACCA allow me to take more than four exams per session now that June has been cancelled?

Currently, ACCA allows students to take a maximum of four exams during each exam cycle across a maximum of eight distinct exams over the course of a calendar year. These can be any combination of computer-based and paper-based exams.

Due to the fast-moving nature of the coronavirus outbreak, we’ll communicate any change in exam entry policy – such as the number of exams that can be entered per session – directly with our students and our other stakeholders. We’re committed to keeping people as up to date as we can.

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What if there is a change in syllabus for my exam between the sessions?

We know that students studying for June may be impacted by syllabus changes, so we are working on providing you with the information you need. A number of exams that are only offered ordinarily in the June/December exam sessions are now being offered in September using the June syllabus.  

Please refer to the final pages of the 20/21 syllabus as this summarises any changes from 19/20 syllabus. More information and support from ACCA will be available shortly.

Access further information on the syllabus of each individual exam

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What if I have a Strategic Professional exam due to expire in June due to the seven-year rule and I am unable to sit my remaining exam(s) before losing my pass?

We will not disadvantage students who have exam passes expiring due to conditions beyond their control. 

All students with a pass due to expire in June, and whose resident country’s June exams have been cancelled, will be given an expiry extension to September 2020.

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How are on-demand CBE exams affected by the outbreak?

As an increased level of restrictions are being placed within countries where our on-demand centres operate, a number of exam centres have suspended delivery of our exams through April and into May. 

Given the fast-moving nature of the outbreak, the situation is constantly changing. All on-demand exam centres are required to follow their respective governments’ directives and guidance to prevent any further spread of the virus and to protect the health and safety of our students and their staff. Students are advised to contact on-demand centres directly to find out if their nearest exam centre is operating.

View details of our on-demand exam centres

In countries where on-demand centres cannot open, we are investigating whether these exams can be taken at home or another place of your choosing using online exams and invigilation software. We hope to have this solution available in coming months and will keep you updated on progress.

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Is there anywhere I can go to find out more information on how ACCA is dealing with the coronavirus outbreak?

Visit our Covid-19 hub which will support you with various resources and updates during this time.

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What will ACCA do to help me keep on track with my journey to become an ACCA member?

We are making every effort to support students keep on track for membership and are here to support you. We are also working very closely with our learning providers to help them support you. We know many of our learning providers are offering online tuition so please contact your learning provider to find out more.  We would encourage you to use this time to familiarise yourself with our online support resources, to get familiar with our practice platform, and complete your Ethics and Professional Skills module. And also refer to our Wellbeing Hub which offers a range of information and resources to help support your wellbeing throughout your ACCA journey.

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Is ACCA exploring remotely invigilated exams?

Our intention is to increase flexibility and choice through digital solutions that allow exams to be undertaken remotely in a way that protects their security, integrity and fairness.   

We have been actively pursuing remote invigilation for some time and with more urgency over the past weeks. Given the global nature of our exams there are complexities involved in ensuring that all stages of the exam processes, and your exam experience, are protected and we are working to create a solution that we believe would be acceptable to you, our employers and our regulators. 

We will keep you updated as we move through this journey.

For our on-demand exams (Foundations in Accountancy, Applied Knowledge and Business Law) we are actively pursuing an option and will update you as we progress.

For our Applied Skills exams (Performance Management, Taxation, Audit and Assurance, Financial Reporting, Financial Management) we’ll update you as we progress towards a solution for our September session. 

We are working through the implications for our Strategic Professional exams and, again, will update you as soon as we can.

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Who should students contact for further information?

If you need to contact us about any issues relating to any student-related enquiry, please email ACCA Connect at

Alternatively, students may prefer to submit a query via the contact us form of the ACCA website.

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