A message from Alan Hatfield, ACCA executive director – Strategy and Development

We’re delighted to announce that we’re taking steps to ensure that ACCA students will be able to take their exams at home or in another location in circumstances where centre-based exam sittings are disrupted.

The introduction of a robust and secure way of using the latest technology to enable ‘remote invigilation’ of ACCA Qualification exams will give our students reassurance that they can continue their exam journey in the face of Covid-19 disruption.

We recognise the disruption and frustration the pandemic and resulting exam cancellations have caused for our students and their desire to progress, and this development will ensure their opportunity to do so.

Under remote invigilation, exams are taken online and supervised remotely by a live invigilator. There is a thorough system of checks involving biometrics, artificial intelligence and recording – rigour, security and integrity are paramount.

We’re targeting June to enable this for our on-demand exams (Applied Knowledge and Foundation level exams) and September for our session-based Applied Skills exams. We’re still exploring the situation for our Strategic Professional exams and we’ll provide updates soon.

We’ll aim to offer remote invigilation to students as widely as possible in circumstances and locations where our centre-based exams will need to be cancelled for health and safety reasons, or are affected by disruption.

Exam entry is open for September and we know students are already planning for this session. We advise students to book exams in their local centre as usual and we’ll provide updates if circumstances change.

Rigour, security and integrity are our top priorities and we’ll be using the most rigorous of the different approaches to remote invigilation. 

We’re using world leading partners in the field and the latest in invigilation technology, providing assurance to our regulators that the exams have the same security and integrity around the world, whether that’s in an exam centre, at home or in a workplace. 

We’re consulting with our learning partners on its introduction and how best to support our students. We’ll continue to learn from their experience – and that of our students – on how remote invigilation might be further developed in the future.

We’ll provide more details as we move nearer to enabling remote invigilation. 

In these uncertain times we believe this innovative development will help students progress on their ACCA journey to becoming professionally qualified accountants.