These competencies are assessed from Applied Knowledge through to Strategic Professional exams.  For instance, our Strategic Business Leader (SBL) case study covers how to lead, motivate and manage people to optimise performance and effectiveness.  Also covering the competencies of collaboration, the need to support and work with others to achieve the objectives of an organisation, harnessing appropriate digital technologies to do so.

Our ground breaking Ethics and Professional Skills module focuses on the key professional skills which are needed in a connected world – and the necessity to perform them in an ethical manner. 

And through our Practical Experience Requirement, students need to demonstrate that they’re able to put these skills into practice with stakeholder relationship management and leadership performance objectives.

Our connections provide unique career opportunities

Through our connections with academic partners, we create wider opportunities. Our standing as a super connector means that students can gain extra qualifications without doubling their workload.  We partner with Oxford Brookes University and University of London so that students can gain valuable academic qualifications at the same time as studying for the ACCA Qualification.

Combined with the ACCA Qualification the BSc (Hons) Degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes and MSc in Professional Accountancy from University of London provide students the perfect way to stand out in the job market. 

Leading the way

The ACCA Qualification helps create the leaders of today and tomorrow, with the ability to engage and influence other people to further personal and organisational objectives. Skills that are continually honed and kept up-to-date by ACCA members through our Continuing Professional Development programme.

Information on how the ACCA Qualification provides the skills to connect, engage and influence can be found within our career navigator - a great place to see exactly where these capabilities are weaved into the exams and experience needed to become an ACCA member.  

And by collaborating and working closely with our network of Approved Learning Partners, we are able to provide students with a vast network of online and face to face learning options – providing access to quality tuition to give them the best opportunity to achieve their career goals.

Look out for new content and resources to help you embrace the challenges and opportunities in this area.