When the Turkish accountancy body TURMOB (Union of Chambers of Certified Public Accountants of Turkey) decided to offer ACCA’s qualification to its own members, ACCA turned to SKANS, one of its long-established approved learning partners, to deliver tuition. The move gave SKANS the opportunity to not only extend its international reach but to also develop its online learning capabilities.

SKANS has been ACCA’s approved learning partner (ALP) in Pakistan for more than two decades and had ambitions to create an international presence . ACCA recognised the cultural similarities that would allow SKANS to build ACCA qualification tuition in Turkey.

From initially providing short courses for the students, SKANS developed its online capabilities to create a full digital offering for the ACCA Qualification. This was necessary as most of the students were busy working professionals, with a restricted capacity for full time, face-to-face tuition.

Again, through its strong connections with ACCA, SKANS has now been able to take these online courses to other countries. In some areas, it is working with other learning providers. For instance, SKANS is now assisting to embed qualification changes in Africa, where digital learning is providing access to the qualification throughout the whole region – some 70% of students in Africa are self-studying, so digital access is an important part of the learning experience. SKANS recently shared its experiences of the qualification changes at the Africa Learning Providers Conference, offering to connect with other partners and create co-branded courses.

In just one example, SKANS has now connected with the Premier Business School in Zimbabwe, a small institution with the ambition to grow through offering digital learning. ACCA has helped bring PBS together with SKANS, where one has the ambition, the other the product, to offer digital learning to many thousands of students at an affordable cost.