In this series we’ll be talking to three Gen Z representatives about the issues that concern them with topics ranging from the attractiveness of the accountancy profession, to continuous learning and wellbeing and more.

  • Eugene Amani became one of Africa’s youngest ACCA members after qualifying at the age of 22 in January 2021. He practices at Baker Tilly in Botswana as an audit manager.
  • Lydia Feng, is an ACCA affiliate and professional auditor from PwC Shenzhen, China who is president of ACCA Shenzen.
  • Rochelle Moras, a prizewinning ACCA affiliate, who’s an audit associate with KPI Ahli Chartered Accountants in Dubai.

We hope you enjoy the insights.


Podcast 1: The attractiveness of the accountancy profession

Podcast 2: Continuous learning

Podcast 3: Digital

Podcast 4: Mentors

Podcast 5: Wellbeing and resilience